Umair Usman is the founder of 'cognitive consultants', where he uses the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy to change people's lives forever. Umair's educational and life background is concerned with business and he has various intellectual interests that he pursues continuously.

Educational Background

Msc Management from University of South Wales, UK

BA (hons) Business Studies from University of South Wales, UK

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner

Business Experience

Growing up in a family business, he has always been in business oriented surroundings. Money, Capital and Start Ups have been the mainstay of his work and life environment giving him an insight into the mind of the businessperson and entrepreneur.

His business management philosophy is about creating value in a business through investing in the 'highest return' opportunity for the long run.

Intellectual Interests

Psychology is one of the main interests of Umair Usman which led him to develop 'Cognitive Consulting'.

His Msc Dissertation was on "The role and nature of intuitive decision making among owner managers of Pakistani small businesses"

His research into Biomass startups lead him to write a research paper, which was subsequently rewritten and presented as a policy paper for World BioEnergy Conference 2012, Jönköping, Sweden. Umair was also the youngest ever speaker at the event.

His interest in application of psychology in entrepreneurship led him to write a research paper that was presented at the symposium 'Telling the Story of Business 2020' at the University of South Wales, UK.

Heath and Fitness for everyday living is also an intense intellectual interest for him and revolves around simple healthy eating and exercise principles.