what people say

"I really enjoyed my RTT session with Umair. His tone is very reassuring and relaxing and I felt straight away that I was in good hands!

Umair helped me to work out the underlying reason behind my problem and once I understood this, he did a great job helping me to realise that this behaviour was no longer necessary or useful in my life.

I feel much freer now and more confident to start my own business. Thanks so much Umair!"

Joanne, Hong Kong

"Thank you so much for our RTT session Umair! You have such a kind & compassionate nature. I love how you approach the session methodically & with such focus. I was absolutely amazed at what came up during the session & when you could see a pattern & the recurring cause of the issues I was blown away! I hadn’t seen that it was such a pattern & linking it all together with what was going on with my life now. It made me look at everything differently, better. Seeing that I was taking on someone else’s patterns & beliefs, and then disassociating them has made a huge difference in my life. I needed help & you so genuinely & kindly offered assistance. Just shows what a remarkable human being you are!

I would highly recommended you to anyone who wants to change their limiting beliefs & improve their life.

Thank you so much Umair. You are amazing! "

Deb, Australia

"Very natural, intuitive, comforting, perfect pace, voice. Brilliant. Really. Enjoy a fascinating beautiful journey"

M.L. Spain

"Umair is an excellent human being to have by your side on your healing journey. I came to him due to memory and studying issues. He gently and kindly helped me find the root cause of this issue and now during exam periods, I'm relaxed about the process and I trust myself to remember things. As a child I had tied studying with getting love...and when I untangled it I could study for studying sake and not to get approval and love. It was that simple and also so profound. Thank you, Umair for your powerful guidance. I'm forever grateful to you!"

Sangeeta Kumar, Canada

....."Thanks a million it was such a phenomenal session!! I already see the changes happening! Sending you gratitude and love!"

Sara Nativi, Italy