Convincing Ourselves

Psychology Based Self Improvement Ideas, for Everyday Living

About the blog

My ideas on self-improvement are based on the concept of convincing oneself.

Through the journey of life, getting past difficult times and through my interactions with therapists loved ones, as well as literature, I have learned many helpful things that have made me keep going and helped me stay afloat.

With this website, I aim to present techniques and tools that anyone can use in their daily life to help themselves or their loved ones. The main idea is that all we really need to do is to convince ourselves. Convince ourselves that we will get through it, convince ourselves that we can do what we want to do, convince ourselves that despite our failure we can try again and convince ourselves that we too have the power to keep living our lives and even thrive.

My basic tool, therefore, is 'suggestion' in all its variants. A suggestion is a powerful tool and the basis of many therapies. I will derive techniques from meditation and psychotherapy to even prayer, focusing on the 'mental game'. You too will see the benefits of the tools once you apply them consistently yourself.

I do not intend to declare my webpage to be the 'be all, end all', neither do I present it as the 'key to happiness'. Like exercise, diet, or education, applying these techniques takes practice and the results will take patience. As with anything, these techniques are an art as much as they are a science, so feel free to adjust them as you will. Just ensure you are able to achieve your aim. Also, please be aware that I will focus on the 'mental game' and that certainly requires effort in other areas as well. To repeat, this is not the end all be all, keep practicing and this can be of tremendous, tremendous help.

In order to make science usable, I believe it needs to be kept simple and that is my intention. Feel free to explore the website and discover techniques and apply them to your life.

You will see a change, for sure you will.

If help is needed for 'Cognitive Consulting', please feel free to visit my website Cognitive Consultancy where you can know more about how to get in touch with me for help in applying these principles. 'Cognitive Consulting' is specifically targeted for new and aspiring entrepreneurs but the principles are applicable to anyone